Does anyone else have a project they started or wanted to start but dont have the motivation? Well I do too! And I’m here to help with that, I’m sure you might think the project doesnt look good or the project is ‘too’ long. It doesnt have to look good while in the process. So many of my projects like my roly poly I was making didnt look good ‘enough’ while in the process! Its the end product that looks good! It could be your first project and you might think it doesnt look good ‘enough’ get rid of the phrase “good enough”. It doesnt matter as long as you have fun while making it! The project might be long, but it shouldnt be ‘too’ long. Your making it seem as if its ‘too’ hard or it doesnt look good ‘enough’. Notice how both of those have the words ‘enough’ and ‘too’? Its ndgative talk! You are worthy of doing that project, wether its finishing starting or continuing. The project is YOURS, not anybody elses. If you think you arent good ‘enough’ at your craft forget that. Just forget it. Its not gonna be helpful along the way. But what will be helpful is being proud of yourself, it doesnt matter how old you are go ahead and do it! Be proud of yourself, it doesnt matter if your not making masterpieces, it takes time and practice! So go do what project you want to do, if YOU want to do it thwn GO do it!! :blush::two_hearts: