Multiple size idea

Hi guys, just a suggestion. I wonder if it’s worth adding a select/deselect all option on the drop down tick boxes for multisided patterns.

Diamonds Not Pearls (in draft now) has 15 sizes. I’m doing a lot of ticking and unticking.


Interesting idea! We’ll add this to our list of future feature updates :slight_smile:


Would it also be possible to add gauge sizing instead of only stitch count? Most of the accessories I do are colourwork and sizing is dependent on gauge to keep the patterns aligned properly.

Thanks for your time and making this resource :grin:

Do you mean multiple gauges, as in different gauge for each size? It’s a possibility. For the time being you can add the information in the measurement section.

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I think @KDCreations means to add whether it’s a 5cm or 10cm square or something along those lines?


Actually yes, x stitches for a 10cm swatch = a size

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Got it!
So maybe you can provide the main gauge information in the cover page, with the size-swatch indicated in the ‘worked over’ section, and then you can also add - ‘more gauge details in measurements page’, and simply add all the other gauge swatches for the different sizes in the measurements page where you have a more space to explain further.
Sometimes in patterns with more detailed gauges, it’s best to give gauge information together with the measurements information because in a way they do go together!

Thank you for the feedback! :purple_heart:


I wound up just making a table to hold it all and saying that sizing is gauge dependent on the front page.

So far I am loving the design tool you have put together. I am looking forward to an eventual stand alone app for those times when Internet is unavailable so that pattern design can worked on offline and be batch processed when a connection is available .

One thing I have noticed that would be a benefit is that when you duplicate a pattern to have it delinked from the original so designers can have templates to work from rather than having additions/changes being made on both the copy and the original pattern simultaneously.

Also thanks for fixing my account information yesterday😍 everything is working as it should.

You guys are awesome and thank you.


Looks great @KDCreations and thanks for the kind words! It’s always nice to hear that people are loving our creation :slight_smile:

The pattern duplication is by default delinked from the original. Up until the recent update, though, you couldn’t edit two patterns at the same time but now you can! If this doesn’t work for any reason do let us know.