Muting a topic in notifications

I have one Item on my wishlist for the future:

When in notifications, a swipe or button to mute a topic would be awesome!

I’ve subscribed to the tester call topics and going into each to mute them is tedious :smiley:

I’ll unsubscribe for now, since Christmas is around the corner and I know I’ll be gone until I emerge in spring from Christmas orders. :joy:

But maybe it would be a nice Christmas present for us​:interrobang::joy::two_hearts:


Here is how to mute a topic.

Look at bottom of screen where it says “muted”?
It’s a drop down menu, select from there.
This button shows up at the bottom of every topic.


Here is another way to customize your notifications.


Thank you.

I do know how to mute a topic. :blush:

I am wishing for a muting option in my notifications. :blush:


Being able to mute a topic in either of these notifications would be awesome, if that makes my wish a little clearer. :blush:


If you mute a topic using the bell icon you shouldn’t get notified about it. Let us know if you’re facing issues!

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LoL,… thank you.

No, not having issues. :blush:

I’m only suggesting a new idea for a future shortcut.
That’s all :joy::two_hearts:

But I guess I’m not expressing myself right in any way shape or form.
It’s ok. I’ll live :joy::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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