mutuals instagram and advice

hi guys! i made a new instagram account where i will be posting my makes and patterns that are still in progress. i was wondering if anyone wanted to be mutuals! drop your acc and i’ll follow you hehe

here is my acc: @piayastitches ^^

also if anyone had any advice for handling an instagram account when starting up, that would be very helpful. thanks so much!


Hey, my instagram is @mr.whoochka I will be happy to be mutuals with you amd share our thoughts :blush:


thanks so much! i followed as well :blush:

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Hi​:heart: so I’m not very active as far as posting things goes but my account is @belay.479


There are several Instagram topics started, you may want to check them…
What’s everyones crochet Instagram @ is the most recent one, you can search for others
Also when you use the @ symbol before your IG name, Ribblr tries to connect it to a Ribblr user… it would be easier to leave off the @ symbol so phone users can copy/ paste it easier


thank you for letting me know! i’m new to ribblr so i wasn’t aware but i’ll keep this in mind :blush:

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@zestofcrochet on insta :upside_down_face: