my beret pattern, i need help with pricinggg!

new pattern release!
pls journal ur process if you make it, its coming out tomorrow. i now put it on 0.90 dollars, would anybody even buy it? or should i put it free? pls helpp, i need to knoww. but if youll buy for money, tysm tysm tysm!!! its a huge support!!!

love u all!


I wish I could buy it but it’s definitely a good price :> maybe If you want 2 dollars isn’t to unreasonable


yehh, id like to get something by writing those patterns cuz i put much effort in thosee! but people always rather choose different free pattern instead of my paid one… soo, yeahh, lol


Yeah which kind of sucks :<


Unless it’s for a flat price not a lot people will buy it, so if you do want to make money sell it for like 1.99


noone would buy it either way, theyd rather choose another and free pattern :confused:


Well now, don’t be down in the dumps. All patterns are not equal.

I’ve paid up to $10 a pattern because the FREE one was well written, formatted nicely, had all the info including how to reach the designer. Some have line counts, has stitch counts at end of each round/row, has diagrams for assembly, has stitch placement for eyes and appendages, has stitch multiples, different sizes, and so on.
It just depends, I’d rather pay more for a well written pattern , than pay $2 for a pattern I basically have to rewrite myself to make the item.

So there is a lot of factors that go into the pricing of a pattern Inthink, if you plan to be a designer, make your free one the best you can make it, and use that one to draw traffic to your shop.

Believe me, i have sent many a free pattern to the archive cuz it was worthless.


thank you!!!