My first testing call! (And its a chicken!!!) (Closed :])

This is absolutely insane but uh… we have my first pattern test! I needed to make the chicken as a Christmas present and thought “Why not just go ahead and put it on Ribblr?” So, here we are.
You need yellow, red, and black yarn of the same size (or saftey eyes.) You will also need yarn in the color of your chicken, and pink yarn if you want to add blush. This was made with a size 6 super bulky yarn and 8mm hook.
If anyone would be willing to make two, there are instructions for how to make the chicken a different size, though you will need to know how to make a sphere. Alternatively, you could use a different yarn size. The second chicken is entirely optional , though it would be super appreciated.
The duedate is 2023-12-20T05:00:00Z, and I will be choosing I’m not sure how many testers yet tommorow night (roughly 17 hours from now). I would like people to make a journal, and if you have any questions or comments, please put them in the group message that will be sent to all the chosen testers. Karma DOES NOT MATTER!!!
I’m super excited to finally share one of my patterns!
Oh, yeah, I forgot lol. You get gifted the pattern afterwards! Yay! :sparkles:

Click pattern photo to apply:


aw thats so cute!! <33
gl with testing!!


Thank you! <3


its adorable, congrats on your first pattern! goodluck with testing!!


Thank you so much! :sparkles:


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