My Name Is Wrong!


I’m new here, and just loving Ribblr. But when you asked for my full name, I thought that included my middle name, so I typed in Louise too! I want my name to be just plain old Chloé please!

Thank you!


Awesome, so happy to hear that!
It’s been corrected for you. If you don’t see it right away please log out and log back in.
If you’d like us to change anything else for you, please reply here or send us a private message.

Also may I add - I’m beyond impressed by the amount of crafts you do!

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Thank you- all is well now!

I really enjoyed the introduction from Ribblrbot when I first logged in- a very fun way of getting people used to messaging!


Brilliant, thanks for letting us know!
Oh and well done @ribbot for providing such a nice service :robot:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ribbot display help.

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Thank you so much! What a quick reply! I’m already directing people to Ribblr- I’m really delighted that another site like Ravelry has been created that is way more accessible. I’m one of the people campaigning for Ravelry to become accessible again, and whilst I managed to get them to install the toggle with the help of a few friends, not much else is being done. Ribblr is wonderful and I’m already going to move all my patterns there and deactivate my Ravelry store!

Thank you- I taught myself to crochet when I was 10 and I haven’t stopped learning crafts since- I also kumihimo braid and do some uncommon crafts. I’m 16 now- I’ve been at it for 6 years!


That’s amazing! Really well done!

And thanks for spreading the word :partying_face:

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