My year 2023 in review.

Looking back on the year 2023 I have these thoughts. How about you? Any favorite memories here on Ribblr?

This pattern was my favorite to create.

This is my best seller. (smaller size to be added soon.)

This was my favorite make / test:

Looking forward to the new year, new makes, new patterns. Working on a Letodoll test you all will love, as always. And, I have an amazing pattern that has been in my head for a while, close to getting started here on Ribbuild. Excited about it!

I hope you all have an amazingly creative new year in 2024!


You too! Happy New Year!


Thanks for sharing! I’m also extremely excited for the new year and what it will bring :smile: I’ll have to follow your amazing template for your 2023 in review :grin:

My favorite pattern I made (unpublished) is the blanket I made my dad

Since I don’t have a shop my best sold make is these adorable custom bears modified to the best of my abilities be safer for those under 3, here’s the pattern and journal for them I sold 2!

My favorite make would have to be this chonky chicken/hen

My favorite test pattern would probably have to be

Honestly it was really hard to choose! So I’ll just link My Makes link :joy: It’s amazing to see my progress throughout my time here on Ribblr and while I definitely have some improvements to make I’m really excited to see how much I’ll grow in the new year :purple_heart: wishishing everyone an amazing new year :smile:


Super cute. You do have quite a few great makes to choose from. Happy new year! :tada: Also, I love the texture in the blanket for your dad.

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Thank you! I really love textured stitches and thought a blanket would be nice to have lots of different ones! Love how it came out :laughing: Happy new year! :confetti_ball:

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