National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day.

Share something about your pet…
Their picture
A story
Their idiosyncrasies
How you got them

Ya know…. Something. :crazy_face:


This is Kischa she’s the oldest currently and she’s adorable, really loves playing and she literally acts like one of those big cats hunting while playing (don’t know how to describe it but she can also jump a lot) she’s also very cuddly, doesn’t like it when you pet long though but always wants to be nearby (currently also laying next to me) she can be a little rude to the younger ones sometimes though

We got her from a friend of my mom because the kids suddenly turned allergic to her fur

This is Misty and out of the 3 she’s kinda like mostly my cat (the others chill with everyone but she’s just only attached to me), like she was very very shy even when she was a kitten. But she always stays with me and wants attention (she literally needed a little setup of a cat basket on my desk chair that’s right next to my bed, so that way she can stay with me all day and sleep in same room, since she can’t really stand the texture/firmness of the bed) she loves cuddling as well and always wants to be held like a baby. Also she’s very vocal and cute

Adopted her from the shelter (she was one of the only left because no one wanted a cat that didn’t wanna play/come out of hiding to pet) but usually you just need some patience with those cats

And here’s the youngest Luna (named her that because she has a little moon on her nose) she always loves to sit on people’s laps and especially loves people who are visiting, she’s always very sweet and never harms anyone or anything, but she will lightly bite your arm if it’s in the way of getting on lap. She usually has a little bit of an head empty but enjoying vibe, could be because she had a little brain damage as kitten though before we adopted her

Soo yeah also got her from the shelter


This is yoda my little doggo! Hes turned 1 last month lol
If i had a pic of my cousins dogs i would share but they are always running away from me when i want to lol i think my mum got some pics tho. So i’ve got 1 dog and my cousins i consider my own lol. Once me and my cousin were sledding and it’s flat so it’s hard to drag the sled around with the other one on it. So then Rusty came and we tied a rope on him ( it was safe like a harness!) and we would run in front and he would drag us around! another story about Rusty is the same day he was pulling us on the sled 2 dogs came in from the neighbors which is about 2 miles away. They were cute little ones and we were bringing them back in the house to wash and feed them when rusty saw them! He gets angry at other dogs a lot. We brought one outside and he started nipping at me. We just pushed him away and kept on playing. Then he bit my arm really hard. It wasn’t too bad bc i had my snow jacket on but i could still feel it through there. Then rusty just came out of nowhere and bit the dog and all crashed him on the rocky ground. He was never seen again :skull:
Then later that day we brought the other dog out he started biting my cousin and rusty did the same! So my little doggies :dog: :green_heart:


Then when you’ve won them over, you have a friend for life!


Oh my Rusty knew something you didn’t!


Yeahh exactly, just gotta respect boundaries and make them feel comfy then it’ll work out usually


I’ll do one for my cat and one for my dog.
This is Simon

He weighs twice as much as a normal cat, but don’t worry we have already talked with three different vets and they all say he is healthy. His favorite thing in the world is playing with the fish on a string toys.

This is penny

Her favorite thing in the entire world is fighting the cat and her lamb chop dog toy.


Penny is so cuteeeeee


Thank you!! She is really a good dog.


Fighting the cat? The cat just needs to sit on the dog. Lol


This is my first parrot that i own and i love him with all my life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
He’ll be 3 years old this year… oh i forgot to mention his name… This is vio!! I had him when his feathers hasn’t shown and i guessed he’s going to be blue/violet(which i missed so bad loll)
I fell in love with parrots because of him and i always have the urge to get another one but i’m afraid they won’t get along so that’s what stopping me from getting another one… i’ll for sure let him choose his friend when i’m ready! Although i’m not sure if that day will come as i’m sure that Vio thought he’s a human lol
His favourite snacks are millets, green beans, and chicken nuggets(don’t worry i only gave him little tiny bit)! His hobby is to stop me from working and asks for attention!

Bonus! Moments before attacking the doppleganger lol :parrot:


This is shitheed. Her name is not so pretty, it was an inside joke turned full time name due to us not being able to choose a real one :sweat_smile: BUT she is the sweetest cat. Super cuddly and playful. Very gentle and patient with the toddler. She was a stray we picked up and fell in love with :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



This is Cleo. We’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old.

This is Sheba. We rescued her from my sister. Not as bad as that sounds. Haha

This is an outdoor stray cat that just adopted us. We named him Prince Charming because he really charmed all of us.

They all go for walks together.

Full view of the girls.


This is Lilo she is a Cowboy Corgi we rescued a few years back. She has her weird quirks like she chases sunlight :joy::rofl: but she’s a good dog!


This is Aura (The cat) and Maizie (The dog).

Aura is almost 4 years old but she acts like a elderly guard dog. We found her abandoned in a parking garage at my college as a kitten and we brought her home. She’s allergic to food, she fetches (which I didn’t teach her), she hates most living things that aren’t actively petting her and she hates being held or stepping on human flesh, so she just stares at you from across the room to show her love.

Maizie (Maziken) is a 13 week old guard dog that acts like a cat. We just got her from a friend of a friend that had 8 of them and needed to find homes. She loves to lay in laps and she hates going on walks. She would rather be carried everywhere. She does not fetch yet and loves to play with anything and everything.


Esther my lil grey fluff!

Peanut and Annie. They kind of just meld into midnight together. They are all friends! Love my four legged fur babies!


Wow! He’s so cute!


Funny! I can think of a lot of funny things with a cat called “shithead”.


Lol we do pronounce it shitheed as I wrote but you got the gist :joy: more friendly for toddlers and vet visits