need a little help with gift ideas for dads

so like i already made a beanie and a plushie for my brother and my mom i made her a cute hat and a flower coaster but my dad i don’t know what to make him. i can make him a beanie but like are there any more options for men???


A can/coffee cozy, gloves, a scarf, anything, really. My dad likes DnD so I made him a dice bag. :sparkles:


A manly keyfob, like from a (soccer) ball, the first letter of his name, …
My husband liked a moss green tiny octopus keyfob in velvet yarn too


I’ve been super tempted to crochet ties for this reason haha

Edit: looks like some people have given in to temptation


Yup same idk what to make for my dad… I was thinking he might like something relating to things he likes such as favorite animal, a hobby he enjoys, or just something simple he can use :slight_smile:


Idk about your dad, but many adults i know like amigurumi too. So you can think of things he likes, my dad likes pigeons so i made him a pigeon plush.
ive also made him a keychain before that he takes to work everyday, its a fidget clicker and i can tell he uses it a lot cus its felted as hecc lol


Yeah, I’ve been having trouble finding out what to crochet for my dad for Christmas too. Maybe like a coaster or something, his favorite animal, a wallet, maybe something to go along with his favorite hobby?

An airpod case? Make a granny square one in guy colors and he may actually use it, because it’s impossible to keep track of airpods. They’re also good for hearing aids, if your dad is older.

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thank you everyone your suggestions are helping me a ton
literally saved me from finishing a christmas gift before christmas lol


im always struggling to figure out what my dad wants im making my mom a highland cow and a duck (if i have time) but yea i have no clue what to make him