Need a timeframe

Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get a pattern to show up to the public? I would like to promote a pattern on my social media, but when I search for it, it’s a big nope.
The pattern is turned on and it has been priced.


I think it should be almost instantaneous. I guess I never checked. I see one pattern in your shop. Should there be 2?

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Thanks for the response! I’m getting used to the toggles and switches. I was sure I had turned it on when I had to sign up for Stripe, but the toggle turned off, so it wasn’t going to show up in search.
Finally got Stripe set up, so now it’s on.
I’ll have to get on the computer to make a link for social media promotion.
Pattern #2 coming soon.
Then I will try transferring a pattern I have on Ravelry and have had on Etsy. - that should be fun (lots of photos), lol.