need advice

Hello, I am looking for some advice:

just bout some chenille yarn (sweet snuggles from Michaels) and I was able to crochet one bat no problem.

just crochet my second bat and halfway through I noticed the yarn began to become very fuzzy, not even able to see the stitches anymore, personally I feel like it doesn’t look clean and nice and I don’t like it, is this normal? I still have half a yarn skein and the rest is this way, what do you do when this happens?


I think it’s bc you have a tight tension. If you loosened up the stitches I’m sure they’ll be visible and as long as you count as you go. (:


I had the same problem with that yarn. I still used it to make my daughter her axolotl. I used large quilting safety pins to mark every stitch so I could find them. As for the fuzziness I’m not sure what you mean I know the more you frog the more used looking the yarn gets. I hope this helps I’m a beginner still


When using thicker, chunkier, or fuzzier, I tend to have to slow down a little if I can’t seem to find my stitches. I can usually do it without issue, but sometimes I have to go by feeling them as well. And always use stitch markers, then at least you’ll know how many stitches should be between beginning and end.