Need help deciding what to do with this pattern

Ok so heres the situation. I am currently in the process of making a new totebag pattern that uses granny squares. The whole thing that separates my bag from others is my new one a kind granny square pattern (atleast from what ive searched for on ribblr). The bag itself is pretty simple and so im not sure if that will discourage people from buying the pattern because they dont want to make the bag but still want to make the special granny square and use it for a different project.

So I was thinking of putting up a separate listing of just the granny square for a cheaper price. Do you guys think this is necessary? Or a good idea? Do you think people will just buy the regular pattern because they can see past the original totebag and make their own design? Please reply with your opinions on this matter so I can adjust my plan accordingly. Thank you!

Edit: alternate question; what prices do you think are reasonable for each of the listings?


You could mention in the granny square pattern itself can be used for give examples. Even mention you have a bag pattern within the description. That way people can decide for themselves if they want just the square design or the bag.
Personally I’d just buy the bag pattern but that’s me.
If your looking at a cost suggestion it depends on how much you’d list the bag design for.


I thing that make a separate pattern would be a good idea if you make diferentes things to make with the granny square. Explample:
-granny square pattern

  • bag pattern