Need Help Finding Patterns

I rarely freehand other people’s work. I only do it because I’m broke and I can’t afford to buy patterns at the moment :sweat_smile: However, I have also never sold the finished product. Typically I just keep them for myself.
Thank you for bringing up those other points. I can honestly say that I have never thought about it like that before. It gives me something to think about in the future.


I can easily understand that buying patterns is a full budgeting stuff. But all makers / designers started the same way so, when you buy a pattern, you support their work :blush:

Also you can ask for books on several celebrations. Most of them are pretty cheap, especially those ones in US bc you don’t have the export fees that i have :joy: My book shelf is full of pattern books bc i have at least one or two books for my birthday/christmas.

The last I got was an Undertale Cross Stitching book, i could have count stitched all the patterns i wanted with screenshots from the game, but I find Toby Fox’s work so great so i wanted to support him.

Actually, i’ve been living in crochet/crafting community for 5/6 years and generally artsy for 15 years now and i got pretty sad.
Bc for me French one is the worst of them (stealing ideas, not crediting people, consume content without even a thanks) and US community starts to seem like that too now.

There’s place for everyone, don’t use someone else’s job to make yours. :blush:


idk if this would help but i found this pattern tutorial video for spider man on yt ( sorry i couldnt put the link) and i couldnt find free powerpuff girls exept for the octi guy but thats different.


Yeah I was looking for power puff girls patterns and it kept showing the Octo guy (Also thank you!)

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