Need ideas for Nephews!

I need some advice from boy moms or boy aunts, grandmas, etc. out there. My brother & sil have been fostering 3 brothers and they’ve now adopted them. I made them all character themed hats several years ago when they were younger, but now they’re a bit older and I’m at a loss on what to make them.

They’re aged 6, 9, and 12. Because of distance and the pandemic hitting a couple of years ago, we haven’t been around them very much since five years ago and don’t really know much about their favorite colors/interests/etc. My brother is too busy to be able to give me ideas about those things so I’m really lost.

I’m making ALL of my nieces and nephews waffle stitch hats in different colors, but I was wanting to give them something else kind of small that is more enjoyable to them than just getting a hat.

The problem is, I have no experience with boys and no idea what children these days are into as my interest in having my own children is nada. I’m not interested in big projects like blankets or clothes, but I want to do something more for them especially since this is their first Christmas with my brother and sil officially being their parents (which the kids are all super happy about.)

I would love to do blankets but I don’t have the budget right now to buy yarn and it’s just not reasonable to try and scrap together three blankets from what I have. while also trying to have enough for other xmas presents

Here’s as much as I know for certain about the boys:

  • at least one of them is into superheroes, but i’m pretty sure the youngest is as well.
  • they’re all very outdoorsy and love to go fishing, play outside, and do sporty things.
  • the eldest is in band (plays sax) and he likes to golf (but i’m not sure if he still does so actively or not)
  • the middle child is getting into music a lot and goes to my brothers bluegrass gigs with him and really enjoys it but doesn’t currently play any instruments
  • the youngest i don’t really know much about because he was still developing a personality when I last was around him.

Anyone have suggestions? They have two foster toddlers too and I don’t want to make plushies for them without giving to the boys so I’m just struggling for ideas here and any ideas are very much appreciated!


At 6, my son was still hardcore into anything cars…hot wheels, lightning McQueen, and especially monter trucks. Dinosaurs or dragons were also a big hit.

At 9, his obsession is all things spiders… I’d lean in on something Spiderman

I don’t have much insight on 12 year old boys though…maybe camouflage, a satchel to hold various treasures, or even a basic wallet?


Ooh thats a really good idea about the cars! They love going to races and monster truck rallys with my brother!

Thank you so much for all these ideas! Imma write some of these down for sure! I like the idea of doing something camo and outdoorsy for the 12 year old :thinking:


My first thought was since they like the outdoors, was to make reusable waterballoons. But its a bit late in the season for that. So maybe those reusable snowballs. I know those tend to get real popular as the weather gets cooler. And this kind of covers all the different bases, but fingerless gloves. That way each kind gets something. And you can customize them by favorite color, super hero color, etc


Oh i really like the idea of the reusable snowballs :thinking: and I never considered doing fingerless gloves! Thank you for the suggestions!!!

I 2nd the idea of reusable snowballs! My kids got some one year, and all ages had a blast playing together! Other things my boys (4 and 9) are into that your nephews might like: Minecraft, insects, arachnids, dragons, sharks, kraken, cyclops or any cryptids, marvel characters, Grogu, Groot, owls and birds of prey, lightsabers, snakes and mandrakes. Good luck! :blush:

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Thank you so much!!! I’m taking so many notes from this it’s so helpful to get ideas from people with experience with boys that age!

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