Need Pattern Ideas!

Hey guys! So it has been a hot minute since I’ve been on Ribblr. BUT, don’t think I’m not trying to create patterns! Well… It kinda IS the case. The reason is I have creator’s block. No this isn’t a disease or disorder, It just means my creativity is at an all time LOW. PLEASE HELP ME. I really want to create content for you guys, I just need some pattern ideas! So, if you have any ideas, please comment down below. I will make a poll in a week, where it will have every idea commented. Then whichever one has the most votes, I will try my hardest to recreate! Thanks in advance

P.S. I’ve been thinking of doing a YouTube channel with tutorials. Any thoughts on that?


My thought is to watch a new animated show, usually, that helps me cause in animations push the boundaries and help my brain push them as well. Or! you can just make patterns of the characters in the show, both work :slight_smile:


I’ve mentioned this to others before, but like a "jelly"fish. so like a grape jellyfish or strawberry? idk just fruit themed?


That sounds so cute! I might start just making that pattern right now!!! Thank You :heart:


But like maybe like twin pb&j jellyfish buddies!


that would be so cute!!


I really liked making your ballon dog and I would love to make more animals like it! I like that it turned out super small with the yarn I used and my sister would also really like me to make another one! I am going to freehand a few but it is definitely something to think about!:yellow_heart:

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Aww thanks :blush: That’s an interesting idea!