Need stitch help

Help I have done veryy little knitting before mostly crochet. And rly want to pick it up by starting with a sweater vest from one of my fav shows but I’m not sure what this stitching is can anyone identify it?


we’re watching that show as well
you have a seed stitch ribbing. its k4, purl1 seed stitch 1 , purl1, knit 4
and the arms/collar are picked up from the wrong side so they leave that tiny stripe.


Did that make sense? I assumed you were doing it in the round
Wrong side rows would be purl 4 knit 1 seed stitch 1 knit 1 purl 4
Seed stitch alternates from row to row so that from whatever side you are looking at, that stitch will be knit, purl, knit, purl