Needle pitting

I’m relatively new to knitting (started with crochet a long time ago) and I’m guessing this pitting of new needles at the tips is unavoidable an one knits and is dependent on the brand of needle. Any advice about needle tips and pitting welcome.


This is the first time I’ve ever seen this :thinking:. What brand of needles are these? I use chiaogoo needles and have also used extremely inexpensive ones from Amazon and some from boye and none of them have ever pitted. This is quite strange. Maybe someone else can weigh in on this more.


They are Hobby Lobby needles. I have some other inexpensive ones from Amazon in an interchangeable set that have not done this. I was just curious if this was something to watch for with some cheaper brands perhaps or if this was really unique to certain brands.


I haven’t seen anything like this either! I’m am way late responding to this, but it could be a mix of the quality of needles/the pressure you are using towards the tips of the needles.

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