New Bookmarks

The other day I gave a student at the school I work at one of my bookmarks (this was the first time I gave one away at my school) Well the girl was super excited about it and started asking me to make more to sell at the school (now I don’t like selling things to kids especially at work. Just feels weird to me) As I make these for fun for my husbands class.

Well she said she was going to tell our librarian and ask her if I could make them for the library. So I felt I should talk to the librarian before the girl could as I didn’t want her to bug the librarian.

Well after talking to her and showing her some of my bookmarks, she asked if I could make her some and she would pay me for them. Here is the ones I’ve made so far. I want to make a few to give her options to pick from.


Also…. These GLOW in the dark!!! I showed her one I made with my new glow ing the dark yarn and she asked if I could make some with that yarn. She is doing a raffle at the end of the month for the kids and because it’s October this yarn just fits :blush::yarn:


Oh how cute!! I love the new bookmarks, back in highschool I used to be in a bookclub with the library and these would have been so cute to share and make in there :laughing: If only I crocheted back then lol :rofl:


Right!! I wish I crocheted when I was in high school too. I was a big reader and would have loved to have one of these.
But I am happy the kids are loving them.
Now I have to figure out how much I want to charge for them. I made 2 butterfly ones for my coworker and just charged $7 but if I’m really going to sell them I need set prices and I know each one shouldn’t be the same.


Yeah that’s the hard part for me too, I never know how much to price stuff lol I found this calculator for pricing handmade items called the balanced method, I don’t know how well it works but it did offer two versions for wholesale and retail so I thought that was interesting and wanted to give it a try the next time I sold something, if you try this method too let me know how it worked! I also provided the link to the blog where I found it below

The Balanced method:

Supplies + Hourly Rate + Business Expenses x 1.3 (30% Markup) = Wholesale Price

Supplies + Hourly Rate + Business Expenses x 1.75 (75% Markup) = Retail Price

The link that explains it a bit more and provides an example:


I love that! The butterfly is my favorite :smile:


So cute! I love the ghost!


I ended up making two more ghost. I have to say these are just so cute!!
I actually decided to keep the butterfly for myself because I love butterflies and I don’t think I’ll be making another glow in the dark one for awhile.
Now I think I’m going to make normal ones just because I’m almost out of the glow in the dark yarn. Now I want to see if they make it in other colors.


Love your little bookmarks and am so proud of your thoughtfulness for the kids. I’d love to see the ghost & butterfly in you’re shop as well as many more!!

Maybe make a whole set of different animal heads … that woukd be amazing!

Great work!


Love the ghosts :ghost:


I will definitely try to get patterns written up for those.
I do love the ideas about the animal heads. I need other ideas as my husband told me his boy students are interested as well. I’m in the process making more ghost for his class. The glow ones were for the librarian at my school.