New change…

Omg I am Almost at 50 followers !! :3 soooo exciting!! I will be doing a giveaway but I want to change EVERYTHING from my shop to my ribblr account so I have seen a lot of people posting competitions were you have to design a profile picture and here’s what we are doing here I want you to design me a profile pic and a banner for my Shop you could do one tho
There will be one winner and the winners prize will be a custom pattern
I will be changing my nickname from Stuffie studio to BUBBLES
My favorite animals are ducks , cats , axolotl
My favorite colors are every pastel color


I’m not sure if I could figure out how to do a banner, but I made a profile pic based off of your calico cat pattern. Hope you like it! :heart:


Omg it’s soooooo cutttee it’s ok if you don’t make a banner (making the banner is optional)


( Decided to add a due date )how about December 6 ( my birthday date )

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