New hunger games PLOT TWIST?????

Okay, hear me out. So, you know how the tributes for The Hunger Games are selected randomly through the tribute ball every year for the Hunger Games? Well, what if instead of selecting them randomly from a ball the tributes already knew they were going to be tributes in the arena. But you can’t tell anybody that you’re going to be the tribute until that specific year and only then will they call you up to be a tribute. But instead of like the year before you get a envelope that you are attribute for the following year, you know because you were assigned at Birth. And then like if you were 12 years old but that was your year to be picked as tribute the year before they would have given you an envelope saying that you were going to be the tribute for your 12th year of life. I don’t know I was thinking about it’s one day and I was like I don’t know this will be super cool let me know if you think the same thing, or if you have any questions that I could probably try and answer. And maybe, just maybe, we might see some new fanfiction.


Oh lord- hunger games in a nutshell-