New in the Community

Hello everyone!

My name is Marisa and I just started my journey here with you. I’m very excited to participate in this community and to get a lot of crochet patterns here :smiley:

I just created my first pattern, I would love to get your feedback to see how it looks for you, as from my side, I can see the instructions and I don’t know how you see it. Can someone send me a feedback please?

Thank you so much, take care!


Welcome, and congratulations on the first pattern. When you are editing the pattern, there is a purple brick wall with an arrow at the top left of the pattern. (at least that’s what it looks like to me. :slight_smile: If you click on it, it takes you into the view as mode. Click it again to go back. Try that. Not sure if I’m explaining it well, hope it helps. You can add it to the testing group for more feedback, but what I can see looks good without buying it.


Thank you very much! I confess I couldn’t find the “view as a customer” but then I made a search being logged out and found how it is. Thank you :slight_smile: I still have a lot to learn from here. :grin:


Exactly what @HookedOnCotton said :clap:

Welcome to Ribblr!

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Me too. Fun though.

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