New Pattern Alert!

:tada:PATTERN RELEASE!!! Big Fat Kitty is here :smiley_cat:

Just in time for the holidays. :christmas_tree:

This is my last pattern of 2024.

If you like Sweet Kitty, you will LOVE :heart::heart::heart: this pattern.

I’m making these cuties on repeat. Choosing different colors, adding bows and eyelashes it’s so much fun. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Join me!

The purr-fect gift for cat lovers. :paw_prints:

Yarn: Bernat Baby Blanket, Sweet Snuggles Lite and Chenille Home Slim *recommended.


Congrats on your pattern release :smile:


Congrats on the release! The kittens are soooooo cute!

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Your patterns are always awesome and this one looks to be great as well!! :heart: so squishy!!

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