New Pattern Launch - Summer in Carlingford Pullover

Hi all, I have just copied in an existing pattern - I launched this pattern earlier this summer on another site, and since I have since discovered Ribblr, and am using it to write some new patterns I thought I would also try out hosting some of my already written patterns here.
I hope someone likes this pattern, I poured my heart and soul into it. Its a long slow make, but leads to a wonderful garment that is a pleasure to wear. I still use my own one at least once a week. The pattern is for all sizes from a 30inch chest to a 60 inch chest. The models in the pics are my mother in the pink sample as a 44inch chest, she is 5"5, and Iā€™m in the green sample, 39inch chest, 5"7. we are wearing the 3rd and 4th sizes.
I originally designed this pattern for my mother, who was loosing confidence in wearing sweaters, as she felt her tummy was too big, so I styled a loose, floaty pullover with a dramatic front panel to draw the eye away from a tummy.
If anyone has any questions about the pattern, please let me know.

Summer in Carlingford Pullover: Crochet pattern | Ribblr?


I love it in pink!! It looks good on your mom! and i love the doggo :pleading_face:


Thanks! She was very happy to have a custom designed one just for her. I think it suits her too. The doggo is her Lucy


Wow! You are brilliant! It did the job and looks wonderful.


This looks great! I love your design. So pretty.


Congrats!! Love the sweater and the design! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your model is beautiful, and the doggo is so sweet :two_hearts: