New pattern leak

Hello lovely people of ribblr! I wanted to give you a little leak on what I’m working on right now, so try to guess what character I’m making from Pokémon!
Their name starts with an “E”
They are the color brown.
That’s all I can give but stay on the lookout because this pattern is coming soon!


Eevee, Echo, Ester, Eggsecute, Elena, Electrokid, Evolie, Ekens, Electrivire, Evi, Entai, Etourmi, Emma, Electroid, Elecable or Eggsecuter … hmmmmm … which could it be, lol.

Im going to guess it’s Eevee!

But, Entei is also brown and BOTH would be fantastic crochet creatures!!

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i was gonna go diglet or dugtrio but they dont have eeees

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