New Pattern Release Hill of Tara Hat, cowl and mittens

Finally! My three patterns for a matching hat, scarf and mittens are now released!
Buy one, make it, have a public journal, and get the other 2 for free! Just send me a message when your journal is up for a finished pattern from the Hill of Tara Hat, cowl or mittens.

I designed the hat to have a simple easy beanie which didn’t need a polyester ‘puff’ attached, as the hat has its own puffy top already. Then I wrote up the mittens and neckwarmer to create a matched set. (I’m a bit obsessed with needing matched sets, I must admit).

These were the first patterns that I wrote from scratch on Ribblr - the other 2 in my shop are ‘imports’ which I had already written and uploaded elsewhere. Lots more to come! I do love the way the line by line form gives a structure for writing patterns. So I plan to keep writing my new patterns here first.
What I can’t see yet is a system to give money off for people who buy all three patterns. Over on the ‘other place’ (are we allowed to say ‘Ravelry’?) I can do an e-book for a set, where you can buy all three for the price of 2.
So, just for this set, I’m offering 2 patterns free to anyone who finishes one, and has a public journal.
Hill of Tara Hat: Crochet pattern | Ribblr?


Congratulations on your realese of your patterns.


Thanks, and thanks for the testing you did - hope your hand is a bit better, and you are still resting it. I know it’s hard, but REST!


I’m obsessed with things matching especially colors.