New Pattern Release, Just in time for Halloween

Meet Percy Squashman! The Pumpkin Pie that came to life. Halloweens answer to Elf on a shelf!

Percy Squashman is a favourite Halloween Character, have you heard the story? Starting as a humble Pie left on the windowsill to cool, with a little Halloween magic he grows into Percy Squashman the Pumpkin Pie Man.

Make the set, watch the story on YouTube with the kids as Halloween approaches and let the magic begin.

5 nights before Halloween set the Pie out on the windowsill, and each following night before Halloween secretly change the Pie when the kids are tucked up in bed! See their eyes light up when they see he has grown! A great way to create excitement and countdown to Halloween!
Percy Squashman Pumpkin Pie Man
Happy Halloween and Happy Crocheting! :heart:


How cute and precious! Congrats on your pattern release

Halloween Pumpkin GIF

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Thank you so much! :heart:

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