New Pattern: Teddy bear in bunny hood

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t written a post since I uploaded my Dragonpotion Dice Bag, which was in november!
I haven’t been sitting still in the mean time, though! I published a couple of new patterns since (the Pickup Van Tissue Box Holder in january and the Anatomical Heart in february), but I did not write posts for them at the time and to make separate posts for them now seems a bit weird to me.

Anyway, to the topic of today’s post, my new pattern:

I absolutely adore this one, and the bear I made to figure out the pattern has already been adopted by my parents to join the Easter decorations that they have already put up. I think this bear is cute all around the year, though!
I only had one tiny problem while making this pattern: I lost a game of yarn chicken :disappointed_relieved:. The snout and a bit of one leg is made with a different colour of yarn because I did not have a back up for this yarn, and ordering new yarn would have taken too long for my tastes. When I started I really thought that I would have enough yarn, even if it wasn’t a full ball anymore.
Ah well, it’s not that visible, I just wish I hadn’t lost to a ball of yarn :sweat_smile:

To celebrate the release, the pattern is 30 percent off until the end of this week!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


Congrats on the pattern release! It still came out great despite running out of the yarn!

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