New question answered feature.

Can it be changed so the thread creator can approve the answer? It seems to be automatic based on votes. So it’s not the posters fault and the supposed answer could even be goobledy gook based on a system like that. It doesn’t mean the question was answered, it can be abused by people who want to look helpful or just ensure someone they dislike doesn’t get help and gives the impression that the staff doesn’t care and won’t bother to look at it because it was “answered”.

If that’s how it work people will either just repost and spam the question or get disheartened and leave.


It’s supposed to be the thread creator or Ribblr…


That’s correct. Only the user who submitted the topic or Leaders/staff can mark a post as an answer. This is a brand new feature, so if you feel there’s something going wrong do let us know. Feel free to link the post too!


I’m real confused about the feature then I’ll have to look around at other threads that have it and try to sort it I guess.

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It’s only for the support section


No I understand that, the issue was I had a thread that was marked answered but the answer wasn’t the issue. It wasn’t a bad answer, it was good info but wasn’t what I was trying to figure out.

Since it’s marked answered it looks like whelp that’s that all done ya know?

But now the thread was like made into 2 threads and answered again with what I was originally looking for… Which is weird because I was notified to the new thread but the new thread has none of my posts in it so I dunno how I even got a notification. So just confused all around as to what happened here.


Yeah I’m confused by that


That could be our fault in which case as it seems like it was marked by our team.

To make it simple we’ve made it a suggestion for a feature. To reiterate - currently there’s no way to reach out to people directly to inform them about a pattern change. It happens live, and normally from our experience at the rare occasion when there’s an issue with a pattern, it’s a very small one.

We’ll monitor the suggestion topic though to see what Ribblrs think of it!