New shop photo <3

:seedling:hello guys!:seedling:
I need a new shop banner and picture!
I will be choosing one winner, and use the banner and picture in my shop, the winner will also recieve one custom pattern !!
:ribbon:If you would like to join, please comment :tulip:joined​:tulip:
and follow my shop!
I really like pastel and earthy colors, and sanrio characters as well! one artist I really admire is illusbyjo
here are some of her works for inspo!

My shop name is CloudsCrochetCo <3
here is the link!

(did that work?!)
remember, the banner should be 1900 x 300 to fit, i’m not quite sure what the photo is supposed to be
Thank you so much guys, I can’t wait to see what you guys have made!
:strawberry:also! the due date is tuesday, december 26! :strawberry:
oki dokes! wuv u guys :star2:


I would join if I was good at digital art :pensive::sob:

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