New! Still figuring this out.

Trying to figure out how to is Ribblr.
First post.
Are there groups on here? Or just posts that are followed/watched?
What are some handy things you have learned to do with this app?

Photo of my Bees I have recently made a pattern for.

Gotta figure out how to upload patterns as well :joy:


The best thing that helped me learn was just jump in and try it all. Send me a message if you need to try that.
Tag me in something. @MyCraftyPursuits
Quote something from this post to reply to it.

There are groups. But the main community is nice enough. Not sure if I’m helpful. Let me / us know if you have questions.


That bee is super cute! No advice for this app, I just signed up as well. But it seems like a lot of fun and we’re all getting in when its new, neat!


Hey! We have what we call spaces. On the app click the hamburger menu within the community to see them all. You can also request to join private groups who have private spaces!

Let us know if you need any help! Welcome :pray:


Super helpful! Thanks!


Such cute bees! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It took me a bit to get used to the app but I really love it now and check on it every day! I think just by exploring you will see what you love and it will slowly get easier :raised_hands::heart::heart::heart: