New to making patterns

I’ve never made a pattern but want to make some free, beginner-friendly patterns because that was what I needed when I started crocheting, but I have no idea how to write them down so if you can please reply to the following questions;
-Where do I write them down, google docs, canva?
-How do I upload them here?
-How do I get testers?


Hi! Good luck on your pattern making journey :smile:

  1. If you’ll be publishing on Ribblr you make the pattern in Ribblr! It’s very easy you just need a shop (just clicking my shop, if you need a better explanation let me know!)

  2. If the pattern is written here you publish it once you’re done, visit the help center for lots of good info on Ribbuild and everything really there’s a search function so using a keyword is also a good idea, if not searching the community or asking is also an option

  3. You post a tester call in your shop I believe, visit the help center for more info on that as well it has three steps Ribblr recommendeds and they’re good steps! Something important to note Journals are often asked for tester while testing and that’s fine but journals are meant to be reviews of public published patterns so make sure to put in your tester call to always direct any questions/concerns/suggestions/etc to the tester group message you’ll create (one of the recommended steps by Ribblr) as public journals are for everyone to see and if they see parts of the pattern it could be stolen or if they see any confusion they’ll think it’s still in the pattern and won’t get it. Which isn’t good as that was during the testing and not completed phase. In tester calls mention the due date, how many testers your looking for, if a specific yarn or yarn color is needed ot any other requirements you have, if they will be gifting the finished pattern, etc

Something to take notice of is Karma. Karma is something designers can see for potential testers on their makes. What Karma is are numbers that testers receive when they complete a test (one point per test) it’s meant to show that they completed a test (obviously newcomers and those that don’t test won’t have a lot) feel free to use that info as you will. However in order to receive the karma it must be by the designer when they choose the gift and remove option, so if they completed the test and requirements you would gift and remove them

If you’re confused on anything else let me know and I can do my best to help! If you need an answer immediately feel free to look through the help center I also changed the space to Support :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: as most of the questions are about Ribblr


Thank you! This was SOOOO helpful!

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No problem! Glad I could offer some help :smile:

Think about using a techn editor if you can swing it as well. Especially at the beginning. You will likely learn a lot from the experience and it will ensure that your pattern (and future patterns) is great quality!

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You’re glad you found community before me but anyways when you’ve made an account on Ribblr, you can become a shop manager in the shop section thingy. Once you’ve done that, you can add a new pattern and make it public when you’re done with it (Ribblr has it’s own specialized pattern making software and it will give you a tutorial). Speaking of tutorials, you can always search it up on the web, where there will be videos and stuff.
As for testers, you can post a topic here and make it a “testing” topic and post with it the link to the page where the posted, complete, public pattern is and we can press the link and it will ask us if we want to apply for testing your pattern. I haven’t posted any of those, but what I’m assuming will happen is the designer of the pattern will get a notification for the testers that applied, and the designer will decide who will test the patterns.