New to Site, Suggestions?

Ooooooh good thinking, I always forget about copyright laws with characters. There is a ton of adventure time patterns for sale so I think I should be safe with CN shows. But probably won’t venture into Disney, do NOT need that coporation hunting me down for a $2 pattern haha.


Indeed ^^’ I think you’re going to be pretty safe with this pattern, so good luck with it! :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any testers down the line!


Thank you!!! The journal part is definitely good to note down thanks I was wondering how those worked! Would you say its good to ask people to do journals while they test? I’ve seen a few tester calls ask for one, is it literally just progress photos of your pattern? (:


Definitely!! I’m just polishing up the pattern, adding some photos, and will be making a tester call tomorrow or maybe even later today if I can finish fast! Everyone’s advice has given me a much better idea of what to do now :sparkling_heart: (:


No problem! Journals act as a review of a public pattern, while it is photos and notes they’re mainly meant for users to keep track and progress through it like what they used or progress photos, or what they thought of the pattern I’ve done and seen tests where they require progress photos or just a final photo at the end. They are good to see on patterns as that’s another way to prove that the pattern is understandable and readable. Something to make sure of is to never write out the steps in the notes of the journal or post a screenshot of it in the journal as if the journal is public everyone will be able to see it. Essentially it’s up to you if you want one there’s no harm in it as for if you want progress photos or if you’re just fine with a final photo would be good to note in a tester call as well

Also through a recent update Ribblr made it so only the designer can see the journal during the testing phase and once it’s public everyone can then see it, it used to be an unpublished pattern during the testing would have journals appear for everyone that looked for it, definitely a good idea to go through them to make sure no one accidentally put parts of your pattern on there before publishing the pattern :smile: Hope that made sense!


Makes perfect sense thank you (:


Awww thankyou so much x


Great, thank you :slight_smile:

Oh, and I just saw you asked about Stripe. As far as I know, getting an account with them and connecting it to Ribblr is the only way. Getting an account requires many but easy steps (I did it last Friday) but overall it was quite hasslefree.

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Almost all your “how-to” answers can he found in the @Ribblr help files.

When it comes to pricing patterns, I prefer to remember a few of things:
1). An entire book of patterns can be found for less that $15;
2). A quick Bing search for a similar pattern adding the word “free” will probably provide something very similar to mine, so what can I do that would make someone actually buy mine?
3). Finally, I’m selling a PATTERN not a completed product, so charging for my time or materials IMHO are never a factor.
4). Most of us creators are already or eventually become designers in their own right, so I wont sell a pattern for so much that someone likes it so much they’ll try to reproduce it, rather than spend $5-$15 dollars s/he could be spending on yarn!
5). In every case above, if Im trying to “sell” I think it’s easier to sell *AND more importantly “buy” 10 patterns at $2, than 2 patterns at $10. I hope this makes sense.

FREE is a fantastic way to get your name out there and becone known for producing well written, easy to understand, quality pictured designs. I rarely pay more than a couple of dollars for a pattern from someone without great reviews, but I"d pay even $20 for a unique pattern from a well known designer whose patterns I have experience with. That’s why I love to read crochet & quilting blogs. Most have tutorials for many of their designs that can be free PDF files using the widget.

In fact, Tamara Kelly of even includes the print friendly link right at the end of her tutorials! Blackstone designs, Oombawka Designs and 1 Dog Woof are just 3 of my favorite “famous” designers.

These are ONLY my personal opinions & not meant to persuade or offend anyone who differs in opinion. I Love all my fellow crafters!

Welcome to Ribblr. I look forward to seeing your ideas & designs.

God Bless
GG Castillo


That’s some excellent advice @Cro-Quiltin !