New Year Sale! 🎉 + Ribblr Reflections

To celebrate the New Year coming tonight, I am having a 50% off sale until the 10th of January 2023!

I have 3 paid patterns all 50% off and 3 free patterns (which is obviously still free!)

I’ll be releasing my next pattern on the 9th of January 2023 where there will be a 1 day left of the sale to get that pattern!

If you’re interested in taking a look at the patterns, or better yet purchasing them, do press the link HERE to be redirected to my shop!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Wishing you all the best for the year of 2023

and now for my reflections:

Ribblr has helped me found SO SO many friends in the crafting community and I absolutely appreciate this. Ribblr even had me MAKE MY OWN PATTERNS!!! Because of the features I was confident to go ahead and post a tester call. It even encouraged me to help test for people which I LOVE!

I have had many opportunities in the Ribblr community to test, to claim free patterns from the October Ribblr Treats and following that, to participate in the Unofficial November Ribblr Treats hosted by @NoKittenAroundStudio But unfortunately couldn’t participate for the December one since I wanted to get my newest pattern ready but it couldn’t be done since I needed testing to be done.

I’ve also crafted over 100 crochet patterns using the Ribblr platform! And the funny thing is I found Ribblr from a YouTube video: compilation. I just started crochet at the time and WOAH Ribblr has helped me in this crochet journey a lot!!!


Thanks for sharing! We’re happy that we can empower your crafting journey- that’s what we’re here for :purple_heart:


Oh wow over 100!! That’s amazing, good luck with releasing your new pattern :partying_face:


Of course! Thank you for an amazing experience!


Yup! I’ve gotten quite addicted :grimacing: but that’s good I guess HAHAHA and thank you!!