New York, USA

Hey all!

I’m relatively new to this community, and everyone seems great so far. Please let me know if this isn’t allowed. I don’t want to cause any trouble. I’m located in NY, USA and would love to find some local crafters to meet up with from time to time since I don’t have very many fiber friends IRL.

I’d love to start a chat with anyone semi-local who would be interested in something like this.


Picture of my kittens watching TV just because.


Just gonna say that it is not suggested to meet up with people you have only talked to online without informing someone else what you are doing. Also do not share specific address, if you want to meet with someone decide a meet up place like a park or somewhere else public(not a shady opera house-kudos if you get the joke).



I doubt anything will come of it anyway. There’s a great (busy) local coffee house that I would suggest for a small gathering should anything work out.

I sadly do not get the reference lol