Newly published pattern - Live Long and Prosper

Hello all - for anyone who wants a very simple 2 coloured crochet scarf pattern this is one for you.

Live Long and Prosper is one of my free Star Trek inspired set of patterns using binary code to create a pattern - in this case stripes. The pattern is easily adaptable for any type of yarn - cotton, acrylic, wool etc, you can also have a skinny or snuggly wide scar all you need to do is choose how many chains you start with!

Thanks goes to my ever brilliant testers the photos for this one come from @Heathershemmings

This collection keeps growing and I am always looking for testers! Enjoy.


Looks lovely! congrats!

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You are the best! I love testing for you. :heart:


Wow, the scarf looks amazing!

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

That is so cool! Maybe I’ll make one for my grand daughter.

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