next pattern

if you havent heard yet, my next pattern comes out when i reach 25 followers.
i have 18 so far, so only 7 more to go! i hope you like what ive made. thanks to my current followers.


following now :smiley:

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Guys i @IAMAFISH is trying to reach followers for her shop lets get her some followers she needs to get to 25!!! to release a new pattern!
New Collection Naklejka GIF by SelectShop
so come on yall!!! lets get her those followers!!! (specifically on her shop :wink: :smiley:!


thank you so much i hope you like my pattern

thankyou to @pclayb for posting about me needing followers! i really appreciate it and this has caused me to get 5 new followers. i only need two more and then you guys can see my next pattern! thanks again!

cant wait for your new pattern izzy :smiley:

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Added the self-promo tag for you!

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I am your 25th follower :partying_face::partying_face:


@EveIsCool is my 25th follower!! thanks so much and i hope you get lots aswell! my new pattern is out now and i would really appreciate if you do it
thankyou xx


Np i would love to make it. In sure you will get over 50 followers i no time :))



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