No shame in the game

There is a wide variety of people here who crochet . It can be a wonderful opportunity for a young crafter ( whether in age or experience) to take advantage of learning from us more “seasoned” crafters. That is how we learned and expanded our knowledge. It is how a craft is carried from one generation to another, and down through the ages. Crochet was born our of need. To clothe, keep warm, decorate and have functional use within our home. It was an expression of creativity to give as gifts, housewarmings, baby showers. The possibility of our craft is endless. Ask questions, seek knowledge, expand your product. There are people to help.
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I have passed down a tradition, fiber arts, that has been passed down for 5 or more generations.


Yes, yes, yes! One thing I love about this community is someone is always willing to give advice, answer a question, make suggestions, and of course encourage others!