Not all patterns mention yarn weight in material list

So I’ve noticed that not all patterns mention yarn weight, only the suggested yarn brand. Being international this isn’t always handy, because not all yarns are available everywhere.

Do designers need to fill in yarn weight in materials or is it optional? If you click in “full list” there’s not more info, but I do want to know if I can find suitable yarn before buying a pattern.

I would love to be able to search and filter based on yarn weight because it’s great for stash busting. Is this an option that will come available?


Hi Marieke!

Thank you for your post!
On Ribblr, designers have control over their patterns, and they add all the information. That includes the materials section.
We hope that in the future we can introduce more features that will allow you to identify fibers more easily.
Hope that helps! :purple_heart:


I agree with you, not all yarn brands are available for everyone, everywhere. Therefore I believe it’s a ‘must’ to add yarn weight to pattern pages.
That said, as a designer, I (and so will others) am still trying to find my way in setting up my pattern pages. So I think many designers will add more info as soon as they become more comfortable using this new platform.

By the way, are you familiar with yarnsub . com ? This is such a handy website to find yarn brands available to you, to substitute yarn brands that you cannot get your hands on. :slight_smile:


yes, thank you!

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I would love to see the info build indeed, I’m patient

Yes I know yarnsub, but in this case I was specifically searching for the weight of the yarn, not yarn substitutes. Working from my big stash is a must :sweat_smile:


I understand, but just wanted to let you know about yarnsub. :- :smiley:
I just love it I guess, I think it’s such a handy site.
Oh ! Working up your stash is really a must simetimes ! I should do that as well… :grimacing:

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