Not being able to buy certain patterns


I’ve ran into a bit of an issue. I tried buying a pattern earlier (Garden Goose by loopedbyanna) and it kept complaining that “A processing error has occurred”. I tried three different cards on my computer, tried Apple Pay on my phone and the same error kept occurring. I even asked my friend to try and gift it to me and she got the same error too. I then tried to buy a different pattern and it let me buy it without issue, so I don’t think the problem is my card(s). What can I do about this? I really wanted the pattern but I don’t have any other options to try to pay with :frowning:

I have already messaged Ribblr but they haven’t answered me yet so I was hoping maybe someone has had a similar issue and knows a workaround?


Have you tried messaging the Designer? They might be able to help. If they cannot fix the issue themselves they too can reach out to Ribblr (as a designer they often get help faster than customers). If they get no joy the designer may be willing to find an alternative way to sell and get it to you and might even offer a discount for alerting them to the problem as if you and your friend are experiencing this issue others will be too and that will be costing the Designer some sales as well as disappointing the customers.
I hope they get it sorted for you soon!

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Hi and thank you for your reply!!

Yeah, I contacted the designer on instagram as they haven’t been on Ribblr in months, but they haven’t exactly been active over on instagram either so I’m not too sure if I’ll get a reply. Sucks, I don’t think there’s much I can do about it :confused:

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I just tried it myself on that same goose pattern and got the same result so it’s not just you
EDITED just reported it to Ribblr

I was able to buy a different pattern/different designer with no problems



There’s an issue with this designer’s shop and they’ve been notified. The pattern has been unpublished to avoid confusion. Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you!