Ok pet peeve

Why oh why do designers do this?

Instruct you to “sew to blah blah” . Obviously, when you look at the one they made it is placed perfectly. Surely, they can take it one more step and note where they put theirs so they can share it with the rest of us!!!


I feel this :rofl: I really do try my best to specify


Yea, and don’t claim to be a beginner pattern unless you include EVERY SINGLE STEP! Even the non crochet stuff. :triumph::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head:


This entire thread makes me feel like less of a jerk, I thought it was just me. It bothers the crud outta me!
If I thumb through a pattern and notice it’s missing steps like that, I tend to just go find a different one tbh. Or start to wing it…And it always comes out wonky haha :sweat_smile: :melting_face:


I feel like as you get to be a more advanced crocheter it can be hard to remember what it was like to be a new crocheter


I’ve been crocheting for 14 years but my heart is always with the uninformed, marginalized, disenfranchised, and the vulnerable.


Personally for me sewing can sometimes be kinda guessed (like when no specific instructions) like pinning stuff and seeing if it looks good, though it’s so much nicer when the rounds/area is mentioned

Also I really struggle when a pattern doesn’t mention where to place safety eyes and that stuff, because you gotta attach those before the shape is done and stuffed, such a struggle to guess :sweat_smile:


Yess! I do my best to give instrictions so that a beginner can understand and an advanced crocheter can just skip! I remember the struggle


I think it can come from multiple places. One someone with lots of experience (in anything) can forget what it is like to be super new beginner. This makes some of the steps seem repetitive and some of what they do “just happens”. Like muscle memory in any job.
The other is to leave some artistic elements to the maker. Not everything made with the pattern needs to look like exact copies.
Or multiple testers say all good and therefore no more thought goes into it.

But over all agree, patterns that specify between X and Y rows with Z number of stitches, is helpful; and do try to include this in most of my patterns.


Yes I’ve heard the artistic argument. But the artistic changes can be made by simply ignoring those instructions.
And what if the person wants their project to look just like the pattern?
Just some thoughts…


Close to impossible to have two handmade items look identical, even more so if two different people are making them.
Part of the fun of handmade items are the little differences :blush:


sometimes if I see a pattern like that cause I read through it before I start crocheting I don’t even bother making cause yarn expensive and you just can’t waste yarn if you know what I mean.


Honestly for everything I eyeball it, and the one pattern I’ve made so far that has lots of sewing onto the amigurumi base, I’ve put off publishing it because I want to take pictures and perhaps a video of how to sew stuff on. Also, maybe a whole tutorial for the pattern if I have the time.
For me, with sewing stuff on for other patterns that aren’t mine, pictures are sooooo helpful for me.


I’m guilty of this when it comes to attaching limbs in my patterns. :sweat_smile: But I’m also a visual person and usually just go by the picture provided with the pattern and eyeball where I place it. Sometimes I forget that others don’t work the same as I do.




Since COVID hit me, I’ve lost a little bit of vision in my left eye and I can’t “eyeball” anything anymore. sometimes, I can’t even type.


I always get frustrated when a pattern says to “embroider a smile” or “embroider cheeks” on amigurumi, especially when they don’t even tell you which row!


Yes!!! And don’t tell you what stitch to use!!


It’s hard to know all the things people will be confused by, that’s why we have testers :sweat_smile: but sometimes testers don’t catch these things especially if they have a lot of experience, cause they get used to reading between the lines. I always try to specify what my acronyms are if they’re not already in the app’s database. And for sewing, I try to specify which row/round, unless it doesn’t really matter, sometimes it’s just a “keep it aligned with center” etc. Cause sometimes you have to sew together pieces that don’t align and then it can be confusing :sweat_smile: also always try to add tips such as “use stitch markers to mark area”, etc.

And there is always the option to contact the designer, I always leave my email and tell people they can message me on here. I wish more designers had that option :blush:


I think sometimes the pattern designer want you to use felt or glue on the eyes it can be quite annoying as like sometimes you can’t just guess and not everyone has access to felt and glue etc.