Ok, soooooo

Okay so, I have a lot of patterns that I need to write up on ribbler, put up for testing, and then eventually release. One of those patterns are my hanging succulents bundle which I already took pictures of I just need to write up the pattern and put it for testing. I have a new bundle of patterns that I would love to test I’m not going to give any spoilers away but they’re super duper cute and they can go in your car. Also I apologize if I mentioned other patterns that I need to put in my shop or ride up patterns for I am trying to Market prep right now so I’m just trying to collect inventory and get all that stuff done so that way it’s not a big burden and after my market I can focus on everything else that I need to do which is a lot. Wish me luck!


i can’t wait to see your bundles!! especially the car one


i can wait to see all your new patterns​:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Wow, sounds like you’re super busy! Good luck getting all of it done, I hope you don’t get too stressed out. Also I can’t wait to see them when you’re done!


oooh gl!