Okay so uh....some updates

Hello! Most of you know me as Koda (I have had a lot of different usernames lol) but others might know me as StaringAtTheStars. I’ve recently been struggling with some things that my close friends know about on here. My parents have been watching my back recently to make sure I don’t keep doing the things that I am struggling with.

I want to say sorry for not being on in the first place and not being active but I have made a decision that I think everyone needs to know about on here as I have many friends that go out of just my immediate friend group. After a long year, I have decided that it is best for my mental health to completely drop ribblr as a whole. I no longer will be chatting in group chats and for the most part I wont respond to any pm’s or topics created in the general tab.

This has been an incredibly hard decision to make as it’s not one that I wanted to make. It’s more so a decision I had to make for the better of my mental health. I am so so sorry that I am leaving behind all of my friends on here :,). I love you guys so much, to the stars and back and I wouldn’t be the bigger person I am today without you all. You guys are my world and my life.

However, don’t be completely sad! I will still join pattern testing so if you see me, don’t be afraid to pop in and say hi!

This overall is a decision I have been working towards trying to do for myself, as it is important for me. I want to preserve ribblr as a safe haven for myself, one that is too pure for my parents to touch. In order to keep ribblr a safe haven, I have to break away for a bit so my parents don’t “notice”. I will still be active on the other side of things where I can still use the patterns.

I know that all of my friends might be worried or upset that I am leaving and I promise that this is as hard on you as it is for me. We have built an empire of loving friends together and I know that one is leaving but it might not be forever. Ribblr was an amazing place for me but I also fear that I am growing up and it just isn’t fun to have to disobey your parents in order to talk to people.

With all of this in mind, I promise nothing bad will happen to me. I won’t sh, commit suicide, etc. I will be fine. If I were to do any of this, then I promise I will come back to ribblr and let it be known to all of you before hand to seek help. I already have seeked professional help with my parents regarding family issues and sh/suicide.

As I am wrapping up this note, I feel like it is rather important for me to say my goodbyes and condolences for the future. I decided to do this in separate orders for all of my friends so that it can really touch on a personal note.

@CreshesxCritters - Cloudy, you know I love you…or at least I hope you do. You have always been an amazing friend and the best partner someone can wish for. You have always been sweet, charming…sometimes a little dirty (:skull:)but overall just an amazing goofball to be around. You can be very serious and supportive at times which is exactly what people need. You were my first friend on here and my closest friend when I leave. I hope, moving forward, that you find someone better than me for a partner. Someone who is able to provide for you and be active and on all of the time. Thats something I cannot promise from my side of things as I will be leaving. You need to stay strong, you got this! Don’t let yourself wander in the dark path that I already have again. <3 ly sm!

@XxTheCosmosxX - Nepi I don’t even have words to put to your personality lol. Your the loudest, silliest goofball of the bunch who is very lovable haha! Your very charming and kind but also can be nurturing and not afraid to step up for their friends when they need it. Your an amazing person and I hope you carry this silly personality with you all the way into the future <3 lyyy!

@xMiloDinox - We have had our shares of beating around the bushes lol but we always came out stronger <3 Your an amazing person! Sarcastic, brave, funny, nurturing but also incredibly loyal and supportive. I hope that in the future you are able to fight out of that dark place again. Your strong, your brave, you got this! Lyyy!! <3

@anon92679035 - Maddie I know me and you haven’t known each other for that long, but at the same time you have been incredibly nice to me :)! I just wanted to say, moving forward…please protect my sister (Milo) and don’t hurt her >:D (Minor threat lol)

@LittleCreatures - Ollie I feel like we have known each other for so long it isn’t even funny at this point haha! Your the groups oldest and most trusted friend. You’ve lived it all and heard it all and therefore you are ready to help someone in a moments instance if they need it. Your the protective mother of the group who doesn’t like it when her kids goof off, however, you always suppress a laugh! I hope that you continue to take care of the group moving forward and all of the assets that comes with it. Lyy!

@alienlynxie - Daffy I know that we haven’t ever been close close friends but you are always an inspiration to me and everyone else around you! Your so sweet, literally the mother of the paws and claws group, and just are a joy to be around in general! I wish you happiness and joy in the future and keep playing your role of being the mother as everyone needs you :)! Ly!

@Mossypaws - Mossy I have known you for so long lol! You were my first friend that I got close to in the paws and claws gc when cloudy invited me and we have shared so many memories together both romantically and platonically. I wish that in the future you find someone else as well! Ly!

@chunkyy - Tay bae! I’m gonna miss our adventures together :skull: if thats the lightest way to put it lol. Inside of the cough questionable material me and you have been friends for a while and you are also very caring and someone I can confide in! Lyy!

I think thats all and I am so so sorry if I forgot you :sob: please comment down below if I did and I will add you on <3

Thanks once again to all of my friends for being here on the long journey and supporting me through all of it <3

And for the last time…goodbye, and goodnight :)!


I’LL MISS YOU KODA :sob: :people_hugging: everyone here is dropping like flys (flies? idfk :sob:) i really hope things get better and i’ll miss you so so much </3 please stay safe and if you are ever able to talk, i’ll be here :> i hate to have to say it but im putting POSSIBLE i refuse to make it permanent bye byes :people_hugging: and ofcofc huggles :>


Juggles hehe :people_hugging:


I’ll miss you so much <3 happy you’re doing what’s best for you tho


I’ll miss you, I’m crying from what you told me in my note mostly funny stuff though. Most of what you said is true :sob::skull: I’ve gone through a lot so I’m there to help others, even if I didn’t experience the same thing. I like helping others :3. I hope things get better :people_hugging: I will never forget our moments, especially with cloud and the “alpha Koda” :skull::raised_hand:. I’ll always cherish our memories :people_hugging: stay safe alpha Koda. :people_hugging:
(Edited because I didn’t know what all to say at first @RingoSilly )


i’ll miss u! ik we never really got to know each other but i hope things get better :heart:
stay save, okay? :people_hugging:


Take care koda!! We’ll miss you!
Good luck with everything<3​:people_hugging:


Aww :pensive: goodbye Koda, It was really nice getting to know you a little :)) I wish you the best of luck and success in the future!! 🫶🏼:sparkles:


goodness koda i’ll miss so much dear </3
please stay safe out there!!! its a crazy world, and hopefully one day we’ll be able to talk again :people_hugging: <3


Awww I’m gonna miss you :sob:
Good for you for doing what you need and I completely understand the parent part, I’m also dealing with that. You’ve always been a great friend, lysm <33


We have never spoken but i really wish you well. I went through a really rough time about a year ago and for me it got so much better after a while i am really happy now and i hope that you will too. Pls get better and i hope that you one day will be fine.<3


Ill miss you Kods </3 I might still give you daily updates as a coping mechanism and Ill tag you in any tester calls I make. Its sad to see you go so soon… Stay safe, love ya /p




Please be safe pooks,
Lots of love Tree :3


I wish you the best Koda, you’re a great person and I’m glad you’re putting your needs first unlike usual haha, love ya and I hope you do great!


I know we never talked or anything, but I’ll miss you!! I hope you feel better soon :people_hugging: :heart:


We’ll miss you Koda!! I dunno if we’ve actually every talked more than just “passing” but I wish you all the best!!!
cookies for the road :cookie::cookie::cookie:


I’ll miss u pookie :pleading_face: im sad these adventures will come to an end though… :smirk_cat: ily, please take care of yourself. thanks so much for being an incredible and funny, caring friend.

bye :kiss: ~ chunkypoo <3


hey koda! Thanks so so much for being one of my best friends on ribblr and talking to me and being there for me. I will miss you so so much and i hope you stay safe and happy. Ill never forget the great times weve had together and i ly sm!<3 :people_hugging::people_hugging: goodbye for now (i hope)