One mental breakdown later

I don’t think I’m going to be able to publish my pattern collection today, I just tore apart three hours of work and I’m way behind I only have 4 of the 10 patterns I was planning to make for my valentines strawberry pattern collection, I’ve been working for 7 hours straight and I haven’t even started putting them into digital e patterns and on top of that I forgot to take reference pictures while I was making them. I tried to take on to much at once in to short of a time frame because I was excited to start selling on Ribblr and I was scared if I only posted one item it wouldn’t sell. So basically I’m not going to be releasing the patterns today and I apologize and will update you on the release date if anybody is at all interested, but it’s still Valentine’s Day (for those who celebrate it) so I’m going to try to make a free valentines pattern in my shop and I’ll add a picture to this post when it’s out! I’m very sorry for the rant and I’m sorry if I post to much on Ribblr but happy Valentine’s Day!


Don’t stress yourself out! I’m sure it’s going to be great. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The most important thing is to look after yourself.

Btw- highly recommend using Ribbuild as your notebook as you design- then it’s super easy to take photos & videos as you design and when you finish you already have a pattern ready :slight_smile:


Take care of yourself and don’t stress yourself out so much!:pleading_face: We’ll wait for your patterns to come out! Lots of love and support from my end. Please sleep and eat well too​:heart:
Happy Valentine’s day to you too​:blush:


There’s no point on stressing yourself out, enjoy the process and the end result I’m sure will be even better :heart: the same happened to me wanting to have a special pattern ready for early February but life has its own plans, we will wait :sparkles: much love x


Hey life happens! Don’t stress yourself out too much about it :slight_smile: I’ve had to postpone pattern releases before because of stress and life happening, so don’t worry about it!