Only good vibes!

Hey Ribblrs! been a while since I last posted as we’ve been super busy working and releasing some really exciting things for our community (and more to come soon!)

Anyway- in the northern hemisphere it’s getting darker - a lot darker! And I’ve been talking to many people who feel less energetic, and somewhat depressed. So what better way to lift each other than spread positivity?

Let’s all share one 100% positive thing that has happened to you today and just made your day so much better. Just by sharing and reading what other people have to say we can feel so much better. :purple_heart:

I’ll go first - today I’ve helped an elderly neighbor push his car after he got stuck in the middle of the road. It felt great to prove to myself and to him that one small thing can lead to a fun, wholesome human interaction as once we finished he told me all about his car which we owned since 1970! (though I cannot remember the make now :sweat_smile:)

can’t wait to read your posts!


I was in the back Seat of my car, and I was staring at this man and we were coming up to a stop. He passes us and I started laughing cuz he keeped looking at me, we where both at the same stop so he waved, and I waved back. I was laughing Even harder then he was laughing so that made my day and I hoped I made his to lol :joy:


Im definitely in the slumps lately. But, Sprout has almost graduated her puppy classes and begins her route to Canine Good Citizen obedience and access as the next big step in her service dog career.

She recently went to a market with me and was in her crate or on my lap for the duration and was EXHAUSTED afterward. She did great though, and is making great progress on desensitization!


I’m sure it did! :smiling_face:


That’s so awesome! What a great friendship :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My older daughter dropped by to make a sandwich on her lunch break. It makes me weirdly proud that at 26 she still ‘uses’ me for food. :joy:


definitely darker and rainy over here! Im loving the fall weather honestly, it puts me in such a good mood. I love sitting and listening to the rain, while Im painting, reading, or crocheting.

Its been so nice to chat with my friends recently (out of ribblr) theyre just always there to lift my mood and make me laugh.

Ive also been reading more recently (almost done with The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes!!) and just prioritizing the time to read my tbr books!

Ive also been putting together more music playlists that my friends seem to enjoy a lot, which is also really nice :upside_down_face:

I hope everyone is having an amazing day/night! 🫶🏼




I managed to get some work done on my knit gift I’m making for my grandmother, motivation has been on and off and I’m glad I got a lot done today :smile: definitely getting colder over here since a cold front will be passing/is passing, love the cold weather :smile:


there is a girl i really want to be friends with, and she accidentally spit her gum on the floor instead of the trash and had to pick it up, then caught me looking at her and she looked really embarrassed and asked if I saw it, so I nodded and she laughed and kept smiling at me so now we kinda have an inside joke lol!


Hubby picked up our groceries for Thanksgiving today. I’ve been really overwhelmed lately so I’m thankful that we weren’t invited anywhere and am looking forward to what has become a tradition for us when we stay in on a holiday.

Steak, potatoes, any other veggies we’re feeling, and more recently we’ve started picking up a frozen fruit pie. This time he picked up parsnips and non-orange carrots as the extra veggies.


Keep sharing! This is really great to read. Like a mental health boost!


Today I napped in a pile of squishmallows, and a few assorted other stuffed animals. Hubby even loaned me his two squishes to help me relax :heart: I woke up feeling refreshed and he had the fruit pie for tomorrow in the oven


I went out shopping for craft stuffs with my brother and it was so much fun! He was looking for paints and brushes, and I was looking for yarn (of course :joy:) and Christmas crafts for my kids. We rarely get to hang out now that we’re busy adults, so it was a blast helping each other find fun things for our hobbies, and just visiting and joking around. :blush: It was a great reminder to make more time to hang out with my brothers!


My older daughter’s (the food stealer, lol) boyfriend had dinner with the whole family yesterday and he fits us like a glove! Absolutely adore him!


Woke up to a wet nose to the face and kisses from my dog. Then looked outside and realized it is snowing. :smile: