opening a shop - any tips? ✨

I’m thinking about opening an online shop to sell physical products :sparkles:
It wouldn’t be any time soon since I’d have to do a ton of research and I currently can’t since I’m not at home…

What’re some tips you’d wish you’d known when you started out? Or even just some general knowledge about packaging and making your own shop website, anything and everything is appreciated!

Thank you! :two_hearts:


I dint sell online but my sister does, and 1 thing i know is that before you even start, think about what type of packaging you will use, and the best way to send it out. (Also make sure it isnt hella expensive but is still nice)


My advice is look into how shipping works. Maybe even call your local shipping companies to compare prices, services and locations. It can be all over the place. Also, regulations and prices about package types are different and might have different names from a company to another. For example, Canada Post’s “packet” size comprises boxes too, only up to a certain size/weight, after that it counts as a parcel and prices grow astronomically.