Opinion time; How long should a test deadline be?

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is how I, personally, approach deadlines.
When they are short, I tend to do the full pattern almost immediately, while if they’re longer, I tend to make about 75% the first or second day and the rest here and there throughout the remainder of the testing period. But at the same time, it’s nice to be able to take a break here and there and switch between doing different things.

What is your preference, and why? What is the perfect amount of time to test a project, according to you?

  • Shorter, one week or less
  • Medium, around two weeks
  • Longer, between three and four weeks
  • No deadline at all (or longer than a month)
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That said, do you, as a tester, like to receive reminders that a deadline is coming up, or is it annoying? I tend to send one out, but I don’t want to accidentally stress the testers who are kind enough to test my pattern :sweat_smile:

I look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions in the comments!


Usually depends on the project i give around one-two weeks for amigurumi but usually my testers finish early but no more than two weeks unless someone talks to you about complications before hand


I usually prefer a medium/long deadline, even if i usually finish with a few days. It makes me more comfortable, especially if something comes up that gets me busy, i know i wont have to worry about the test.

I don’t apply to tests that are less than a week, seeing a short deadline turns me away. (Well, except for an applique that took me like 10 minutes to make)

I feel like more time lets me look over the pattern and help with smaller, harder to see mistakes, like typos. If a deadline is too short, i get stressed and just try to finish as fast as possible.

edit: all the tests I’ve been seeing lately have been really short, so I’ve been applying to short ones now. I guess things change, even in such a short time lmao


I think one or two weeks is reasonable because testers may have other tests as well and dont want to feel rushed to complete it. Also, if the time limit is too long, such as three to four weeks, testers may get lazy or forget about it. Thats my opinion for amigurumi. But for clothing items such as sweaters, I think about a month or a bit more is a good period of time. I personally appreciate reminders of the deadline and when the designer checks in. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep track of all my tests or one just slips my mind, so reminders are very helpful!


I like a reminder a couple of days to a week before because I get distracted since when I test I’m usually testing 2-3 patterns and can mix up the days or just forget in general lol and I think medium testing time it’s best. The last long test I had I waited until 4 days before it was due to start it.


It depends on the size of the project. For an amigurumi, in general 2 weeks is good, but if it is a clothe or something big, it needs more time.

I find reminders very useful. I write the deadlines down, but sometimes I don’t realize it’s only 2 days left, especially when I have many tests to do at the same time.


so usually i make patterns that take 1-2 hours or less to make, so i usually do 1 week deadlines. in the past I’ve had problems with my testers not communicating with me that they need more time. i think as a designer, I’d like to have tests done as quickly as possible.

most tests i do as a tester i finish within the first day of getting the pattern, but that’s because I don’t like having something due. I think that as a tester, I don’t really care how long the due date is becoming I always finish it quite quickly


I definitely like the reminders because sometimes “life” gets in the way & tthoughts are elsewhere. Reminders help bring the task back to the front of my mind as it should be.
I especially like the 3 week (longer) due dates. It allows a bit more flexibility while testing & working on personal patterns, other projects, and whatever surprises life has in store.



It really depends on the project… A small project that takes a total of 1-5 hrs should only need a week, maybe 2. A large project that will take 20-30 hrs will definitely need 5-6 weeks
For longer deadlines, a reminder is nice. Personally, my tester call requires at least 1 “check-in” from the tester, so I’ll send a message around the check in date to remind them I need an update


Depends on the project, if it is a small thing, a week or less. If it’s bigger or harder 2 weeks or more!


I love when people send out reminders because if they have forgotten about it since they have so many tests then it would be helpful, but I guess I can also see if it is annoying or stressful to some people. But in my opinion would love to have reminders a couple days before deadline.


If it takes me a few days I will set it at a week.


It depends on the project, if it’s small then maybe a week. If it’s a bigger project then I’d go with like 2-4 weeks


It depends on what I’m testing but I personally love deadlines with some extra time since I like being able to know I will for sure finish if something comes up.

As for the reminders I love getting those! I might forget due dates due to other tests/life or even confuse testing days so it’s nice for it to be closer to the bottom of the messages so I don’t have to go all the way to the top if there’s been a lot of messages


I guess it also depends on how advanced and how big it is