Option to follow easier when looking through patterns


My suggestion is to make it easier to follow a shop when I am looking at a pattern of theirs that is followers only. I don’t mind following people to get patterns, but I do not necessarily enjoy all the steps it takes to claim a pattern sometimes.
I click on a pattern of interest, to realize it’s followers only, so I tap their name, click the heart, have to go scroll through their patterns to find the one that I wanted again. And then I lose my place in my search when I try to go back.
I would love a smoother flow of looking through patterns and claiming them.

Like maybe an option somewhere on the pattern screen, next to the shop name that lets me follow


the only thing tho is the reason most ppl do that is so ppl can see everything they have. i have an android phone so i can just press the back button, but i can see how that wouldnt be possible on an iphone


I agree. And technically you are both right. We do see more of their patterns, but we can go in and look at them after we get the pattern.


Well i mean it is free people did put a lot of work in their patterns. Also people time and energy are put in those patterns.


I agree with this!! And to help with people seeing their patterns, when you follow their shop from the pattern page, there could maybe be a little pop up pattern showing their other patterns with the text “Other patterns from this shop you may like” on top? Idk if this is the best fix for it but it’s an idea! @ribblr


Ooh yeah I agree with @PearlCrochets the pattern on the top would be nice. And so you can still look through their shop!!


Maybe the ‘followers only button’ could double as a follow button or have one nearby, and once you get the pattern you’re redirected to the persons shop instead of your patterns? That way you still get a look at the rest of their work, and can easily access the pattern by clicking the patterns tab.


That would be nice. I don’t mind checking out their shop, I usually find other cool patterns that way.

I just don’t like all the extra steps to follow someone and then find that original pattern again.

It’s my adhd, :sweat_smile: I just don’t like extra steps to do things in general.




Yes please! I love this idea


Thanks! We’re monitoring this topic :slight_smile:

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