Organize My Patterns?

Right now it seems like new acquisitions go to the bottom of your ‘My Patterns’ page. I can imagine that it could get quite filled and difficult to find items in.

Is there a way (or future plans) to allow users to organize our patterns in ways that make sense to only ourselves? Maybe somebody wants all their types of crafting separate, keep clothing separate or maybe they want to put all those granny squares together to ‘see’ how they look together as a blanket? Does it keep your WIP on top or mixed in?

Additionally, is there a way to mock up a variety of squares to see how they’d look together? Because I just saw some beautiful afghan blocks…(and now I’m back to filling my projects tab…)


Hi Stephanie!

This is definitely something we’re working to improve in future updates, and your input is really helpful! I’ve taken a note of this so we can look further into your suggestions.
At the moment, the quickest way to find a pattern if you have many is to use the search option although I agree it would be handy to have more options to sort patterns.

Can you elaborate more?


I sometimes copy images and mock them up so that I can see how they’d look in an afghan together. I have to do this manually by copy/pasting them into a file and size adjusting them all to get a better feel of how well they mesh and where they may look best placed.

So, for example, I grab afghan squares (#) from designers A, B & C. Copy/paste them into a file where I can view them all together and rearrange them until I find a pattern that works best.

I’ve seen a couple designers add color pages to test colors for their designs and you can cut those out and use them in a similar way. Just pre-planning before you get into the deep end.


Sample Example

Here’s an example mock up of what I mean:

These are from different designers and I just pulled an image to look at them together.


Hi just picking up where @saar left off.
We don’t have a way to create collages yet but that’s a nice suggestion! We’ve logged your feedback :slight_smile:



Collage - why didn’t I think of that word? That probably would have helped.


No worries! :sweat_smile:
Please feel free to share any additional thoughts/feedback you may have.

Can we create folders to save our patterns in so we can organize them better?


Hi Anita!
Not quite yet, but it’s something we’re looking at improving in future updates.


@tygger428 that’s an excellent idea! I love to keep patterns organized in different folders or at list give them my own tags so I can search easily what I know I have stored some time ago :sweat_smile:

@Karametra I have been having a “words are hard” week; I feel you. :smile:

Awesome ideas!

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Not quite folders, but on our upcoming feature drop (stay tuned this Friday!) you’ll be able to easily filter out specific patterns in your patterns library and wishlist.
Having said that, we are still going to look further into how we can better allow you to organize your patterns library in future updates :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it! :grinning:


Me too!!

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