Pant legs for my baby bunny in overalls and hat?

Hello! :wave: I am currently working on this pattern made by Pixie plushies, (and it is amazing and adorable!) I love all the patterns in this shop! Though, I am stuck on a part with the pant legs…It says to first chain stitch twelve times then single stitch to make a circle. From there, it says to single stitch eleven more times. Then it continued the pattern but for some reason it wasn’t working out for me- the legs kept twisting into strange places so I tried making it again but then I ended up becoming this weird shape, and it couldn’t fit the bunny’s leg…So if anyone could help, it would really help me a lot! I really want to continue this project, but I’m really stuck! I need help! :slightly_frowning_face:


Sometimes I like to use a hook one size bigger for the chain. Then switch back to the other hook. For the twisting, try this.


Thank you so much, @HookedByMarilyn! That helps :slightly_smiling_face: